Stainless steel AISI 430 technical sheet

- the most widely used corrosion resistant ferritic chromium general application list (in accordance with ASTM A240 standard). Such a sheet of stainless steel has a high strength and mechanical properties. A high corrosion resistance, including atmospheric, provides a high chromium content and low carbon content. In Sheets of stainless steel is very good machinability. Technical stainless steel sheet has good plastic deformability, the applicability to the drawing processes, stamping, punching openings therein, etc. Sheets of stainless steel AISI 430 found their preminenie in the following industries:
• civil engineering;
• architecture and design;
• food industry;
• manufacture of kitchen utensils, tables, a serving tool, wash basins, sinks, washing machines parts, drums and pallets for dishwashers, etc .;
• automotive (decorative exhaust system, etc.);
• equipment for heat exchangers;
• other.
n accordance with numerous reference data in the literature and many years of experience of our customers - from the technical sheets of stainless steels such as AISI 430 can be used for the manufacture of machine parts and machines for the wine industry. Technical sheet of stainless steel is allowed to be used in direct contact with the wort, wine, brandy spirits, wine products processing waste, etc. Allowed to use these sheets for the production of equipment used in the meat and dairy industry at a temperature of 30-140 ° C, etc. They are used for the production of technological equipment used in various stages of food production. Sheets of steel AISI 430 correspond to the state sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms. They found their use in the manufacture of equipment for various sectors of the food processing industry: oil and fat, meat, bakery, beer and soft drinks, alcohol, alcoholic beverage, confectionery and others. Products made of stainless steel sheet technical can be used on such technological stages of food production as a washing or hygienic handling of raw materials, products and equipment; shredding, separation and sorting of products; mixing, heat treatment, packing, packaging and transportation. Leaf has proven itself as a sustainable material in gases resulting from the combustion of various fuels. It is perfectly welded by any known means. A subject taken if post weld operations etching / passivating and cleaning will not occur in the loss of the corrosion properties of the weld (including the heat affected zone). In order to ensure adequate corrosion resistance is necessary to remove scale and discoloration by etching or machining of stainless brushed sheet of steel and cold propassivirovat 10-20% solution of nitric acid. Necessary followed by thorough washing with cold water and drying.



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