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Stainless steel polished elbow: grade AISI 304 ; angle = 90° ;


Stainless steel matt elbow: AISI 304 ; angle = 90° ;

Elbow stainless steel AISI 304

- this is a part of a stainless fitting for welding, with the help of which a smooth change in the direction of the flow of the working medium in the pipeline by 45 °, 90 ° and 180 ° or a change in the direction of the handrail, railing, etc. The elbow must have the same outer / inner diameter with the pipe to which it is welded.

 The stainless steel grade from which the stainless steel food (milk) elbow is made - AISI 304 - low-carbon food austenitic stainless steel, is mainly in demand in the food industry and in environments with an oxidizing nature. Such a tap can be used at low concentrations of strong acids (nitric, perchloric, hydrochloric, sulfuric) and at low temperatures, as well as at medium temperatures of weak acids (malic, acetic, citric, lactic). In Ukraine, the analogue is steel grade 08X18H10.

  Elbow 90 ° AISI 304 is made of low alloy carbon stainless steel, can be made according to one of the international standards DIN / SMS / ISO (GOST). At first glance, they are no different from each other, but in fact they have a number of differences: in terms of metal thickness, diameter or manufacturing method.

Varieties of stainless steel bends AISI 304:

surface treatment:

➖ polished - the surface of the outlet is processed in the process of using coarse abrasive, which gives it a more beautiful appearance. The seam is not visible from the outside, but neatly sanded inside;
➖ polished - after manufacturing, the tap is polished more carefully, which will give it a mirror-like appearance;
➖ matte - this is a chemical or mechanical process for processing an outlet, the purpose of which is to achieve a uniform matte surface of the metal;

by wall thickness:

➖ thin-walled - a elbow having a wall thickness of 1 mm to 2 mm, this is more relevant to DIN and SMS standards;
➖ thick-walled - elbow with a wall thickness of more than 2 mm, more common on the details of ISO standard;

bending radius:

➖ 45 ° degrees;
➖ 90 ° degrees;
➖ 120 ° degrees;
➖ 180 ° degrees;

by type of manufacture:

➖ seamless - made from a seamless pipe by heating and bending it later. This method allows you to withstand high temperatures, pressures and for a long time serves in operation;
➖ suture (welded) - a cheaper way to manufacture a elbow. Such bends are very practical, and stand out due to their low price;

Scope of use of branches:

 Corrosion-proof elbows are most often used for the manufacture of various types of stainless steel structures, the laying of critical pipelines at oil and gas enterprises, metallurgical plants, the utilities sector, food and pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as in dozens of other areas in which reliability, quality and reasonable price.

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