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Price: 34.30 ГРН / cup

Cup, cover decorative stainless steel square

 Invisible at first glance, the bottoms of racks / cups / lids stainless steel decorative square (square) under the profile stainless steel square and rectangular pipe play a significant role in ensuring the reliability of enclosing structures. It is impossible to neglect the choice of the bottoms of racks and cups, since poor-quality material can subsequently injure people moving along the fences. In order not to make mistakes and buy the best option for bottom racks, contact only trusted suppliers.

 We supply bottoms of racks / lids / cups - square AISI 304 stainless steel (food grade). Stainless steel gives the bottom of the racks the necessary strength, resistance to mechanical stress, durability. Due to the high corrosion resistance of AISI 304 stainless steel, the bottom of the racks always look attractive and do not create problems in maintenance. The surface is smooth mirror polished.

 Such an element as a decorative stainless cover closes the junction of the stainless railing and floor racks, stairs (any other surface). The element is worn on top of a stainless steel profile pipe of the appropriate section in mm, and is freely supported on it and / or, if necessary, welded to the pipe. Lack of fastening allows you to lift the lid above the floor during wet cleaning. Ideal for decorating racks for fencing balconies, panoramic windows and stairs in combination with a square or rectangular stainless pipe.

Frequently asked questions about Cover (cup) decorative stainless steel square aisi 304

✅ What sizes of cover (cup) decorative stainless steel square aisi 304 are on sale?

The cover (cup) decorative stainless steel square for the profile pipe (square and rectangular) is on sale in the following sizes in millimeters:

➖ hole 30Х30 ; outer size ➖ 82Х82 ; ➖ thickness 0,5 ;
➖ hole 40Х40 ; outer size ➖ 82Х82 ; ➖ thickness 0,5 ;
➖ hole 40Х20 ; outer size ➖ 82Х82 ; ➖ thickness 0,5 ;

✅ What are the features of the structure and purpose of cover (cup) decorative stainless steel square aisi 304?

The bottoms of the square racks resemble covers with a hole in the middle. Install the bottoms of the racks on the bottom of the pipes. Stainless steel square decorative covers / square bottom bottoms - their main purpose:

➖ the bottoms of the racks are designed to close the sharp edges of the pipes in order to minimize their injury risk ;
➖ the bottoms of the uprights are an intermediate element between the uprights and the base of the rails. For this reason, the lower stanchions serve as an additional reinforcement of the fences ;
➖ the bottoms of the racks are also designed to hide irregularities at the edges of the pipes and make the racks more aesthetic. Some bottoms of racks are initially made in an exclusive design in order to give special decorativeness to the enclosing structures in the halls of theaters, business centers, retail outlets, etc. ;

✅ What are the advantages of cover (cup) decorative stainless steel square aisi 304?

The use of such a decorative element in the construction of stainless steel fences will give a particularly attractive and rich appearance to the stairs, balustrades or any other design. Stainless steel square lids (cups) supplied by Steinles Steel Ukraine have several advantages over similar products from other suppliers:

➖ the surface of the element is polished, and a smooth mirror surface without microcracks and scratches has a greater degree of resistance to corrosion both in ordinary dry environments and in environments with high humidity. A polished surface enhances the corrosion resistance of a stainless steel element compared to a sanded or matt finish. ;
➖ square decorative stainless steel cup / lid / bottom of the rack - made by pressing / indenting blanks of sheet stainless metal in the factory. The absence of welds on such elements is a very significant advantage .
Lids (cups) made by artisanal or factory conditions are very often susceptible to corrosion at the weld sites. Everyone has long known that when welding under the influence of high temperatures, the chemical elements of stainless metal (chrome, nickel and others) are destroyed / burned out without which (or when their % decreases) the stainless steel begins to simply rust. ;
➖ the decorative bottoms of the uprights are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which allows them to be used in fences, both inside and outside the room. Handrail structures made of AISI 304 stainless steel are well-operated in a variable humidity environment, as well as in air saturated with water vapor. ;
➖ square covers (cups) for covering (square bottom of the rack) under the square rack - designed to mask the junction of the rack with the base - this type of fastening can be used both in prefabricated and welded structures of railings and fences. ;
➖ the price of the cup / lid (bottom of the rack) - square decorative stainless steel - one of the lowest in Ukraine and the city of Kiev. ;

✅ What is the minimum quantity of cover (cup) decorative stainless steel square aisi 304?

For a cover (cup) of stainless steel decorative square shape of the AISI 304 steel grade, the minimum quantity in the order can be one piece. There are no restrictions on the minimum amount in the order for this type of product.
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