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Price: 109.25 ГРН / meter
Incl. 20 % TAX
In stock: more than 300
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Price: 146.05 ГРН / meter
Incl. 20 % TAX
In stock: more than 300

Stainless steel pipe oval

 - This is a lengthy hardware with a hollow inner space and an oval cross-sectional shape. The features of the production technology by the method of electric welding of the original sheet steel into a pipe with a cross section in the form of a flat oval, welded with a TIG type weld, determined that the stainless flat oval pipe belongs to the group of shaped stainless pipes.

Application of stainless steel pipe oval:

 The field of practical application of such oval pipes is currently quite wide and has a tendency to continuous expansion due to impeccable indicators of corrosion resistance, complete environmental safety and excellent physical and mechanical strength of oval pipes. Pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries (transportation of liquids, gases, foodstuffs), construction industry, architectural design, besides production of aviation, transport and agricultural machines can be referred to the highest priority consumers of the product range of oval profile pipes. The use of stainless oval pipes makes it possible in principle to create a wide variety of designs that contribute to a significant reduction in the total weight of the structure and, as a result, a reduction in the cost of the final product. In quantitative terms, the use of a stainless flat-oval pipe allows to reduce metal consumption, as well as reduce the average time of construction and installation works. The achievement of the economic effect is largely determined by the characteristic geometric shape of the section, which allows to repeatedly increase the properties of physical and mechanical strength without increasing its own specific weight, compared to other pipes of the profile section.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stainless steel pipe oval

✅ What is the minimum order for a stainless steel pipe oval?

The minimum order for a flat oval pipe is 3 (three) meters running with a multiplicity of 3 (three) meters. You can purchase respectively 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 meters, etc. There are no restrictions in the order amount for a flat oval pipe.

✅ What section are such stainless steel pipe oval?

The cross section for this type of pipe can be very different. The company Stainless Steel still offers two sizes of such a pipe from a warehouse in Kiev:

1) ✅ Pipe stainless steel oval 30X15X1,2 ;

2) ✅ Pipe stainless steel oval 40X20X1,2 ;

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