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Stainless steel pipe profile 201

 The composition of AISI 201 stainless steel pipe included 0.12% carbon, 15% chromium, 0.75% silicon, about 9.10% manganese, 1% nickel. This structure allows us to speak about the relatively low cost of the pipe AISI 201 that plays in most cases a decisive role in the selection of products in this category. As is known, one of the most expensive components of stainless steel alloy is nickel, which in this embodiment is represented by a minimum ratio. This ratio has a positive effect on the price performance profile stainless steel tube AISI 201. Nevertheless, the pipe 201 stainless nowadays demand in many technological, industrial and construction applications due to its versatile properties. The first profile 201 stainless pipe has excellent weldability conventional arc welding, and excellent processability in the normal temperature mode. Second pipe 201 stainless steel grades have a decent corrosion resistance and good plasticity. With a relatively low price profile AISI 201 stainless pipe is practical and durable material, which is increasingly used in various fields of human activity. These include the creation of ladder, window and door systems, production of radiators (towel warmers), in the automotive industry for the manufacture of bumpers, handrails and other elements of the interior and exterior of buses and cars, the production of auxiliary waste collection vehicle for communal urban services, manufacturing components for ventilation systems in the chemical pipeline industry for a local destination. Stainless pipe profile welded AISI 201 manufactured by melting the tungsten electrode in inert gas (TIG) made of sheet steel of a suitable type, with the composition of the initial alloy contributes to high strength is not susceptible to crevice corrosion welds.

 Remember, where necessary economic decisions worthy of the mechanical strength of the oxide and passivity - stainless steel pipe AISI 201 profile is an essential material for creating various designs and manufacturing of a wide class of details. As they say: "Why pay more !?"))).

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