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Sheets of stainless food

Production of containers or equipment interacts with the food, it requires careful material selection. Storage, cooking, sanitation, transportation of food, usually associated with conditions in which even stainless steel can corrode and adversely affect the quality of the food. It helps to solve the problem of so-called stainless steel.

Stainless steel food - is the common name for the grade of stainless steel, which exhibit high corrosion resistance. The visitors do not have such a concept, which is why the food stainless steel often have to choose, focusing on the disparate information and reviews. What is a food grade stainless steel and how to make a choice right?

Brand stainless steel

Stainless steels are now considered practically indispensable material for food processing equipment. Stamps stainless steel, approved for contact with food products, determined mainly from the experience of wine production, are carried out using the most corrosive processes and technologies. As a result, it became clear that we should take into account the duration of its contact with the food product when choosing the brand of food stainless steel. The longer the contact, the higher the corrosion resistance is needed..

At present, it has been widely used stainless steel for food grade AISI 304. However, be aware that the AISI 304 does not contain in its composition a stabilizing titanium. This reduces its corrosion resistance and makes sensitive to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. It can be used for short contact with food under favorable conditions.

Features stainless steel for the food industry

Food manufacturers are actively using stainless steel sheets. They must comply with the requirements of the standard that determines the composition of the steel and quality. Sheets of stainless steel fully meet the increased requirements of hygiene and environmental friendliness of the materials used in the manufacture of equipment for the food industry and catering. They are made of AISI 304 steel, which exhibits the following properties:

high corrosion resistance over the entire surface of the sheet;
resistance to chemically aggressive environments;
environmental safety and non-toxicity;
matching migration standards (dissolution) of heavy metals in a working environment;
preservation of smoothness parameters for the duration of use, easy cleaning and maintenance.

In the food industry for cleaning the equipment often use a hot solution of sulfamic acid or caustic soda. In these conditions it is better to choose more resistant to aggressive media stainless steel AISI 316. For the living conditions and food, where the metal does not interact with these solutions, you can use the AISI 304 and AISI 201 cheaper.


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