Sheet of stainless steel aisi 304

 Surface: BA-PVC (Ba mirror polished, PVC - protector), 4N-PVC (polished, brushed, PVC - a protective film, 2B (matte), №1 (hot-rolled) Buy stainless steel sheets - just Our company has been supplying major brands of high-quality stainless steel. Here you can buy stainless steel sheets. It is enough to fill out an application online, or call the phone numbers listed on the site. Steel is supplied directly from leading manufacturers from Europe and Asia. We are located in Kiev, but we work all over Ukraine. Always looking for new customers and maintain mutually beneficial cooperation with the old. When ordering from us, you are guaranteed to get the best product at an affordable price. Stainless steel sheets have many advantages. To better understand this, you must first understand what is stainless steel and what it is. Steel - an alloy of iron and carbon. Steel is very different, depending on the doping, that is the addition of other elements to impart desired characteristics. Stainless steel is made with chromium. This steel has a strong protective properties prevent corrosion of the metal. That is why the stainless steel sheets in such demand. Variety of stainless steel sheets and steel If you are going to buy a stainless steel sheet for a specific purpose, you need to know what are the kinds of sheets. The sheets are divided in several ways. Prices are divided into cold and hot. The cold-rolled sheets can be matte, mirror, polished and so on. Stainless steel is very different depending on the alloying elements. Depending on the tasks and the need to select the optimum steel. Marking stainless steel sheets Also, stainless steel has a specific marking.

Some of the most popular are:

aisi 201

aisi 304

aisi 321

aisi 430

Aisi stainless steel sheet 201 is doped with chromium, nickel, manganese, copper and nitrogen. This alloy is quite versatile and is suitable for most applications, has good resistance to corrosion and a good capacity for deformation. Steel aisi 304 relates to three hundredth of the series and has a high chromium content. It can be called the most versatile and reliable. It is used in all areas and demonstrates an excellent result. But also more expensive.



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