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Stainless sheet steel AISI 201

- established on the world and the Ukrainian market as an effective substitute for the analogue and inexpensive sheets of the standard chromium-nickel metal. In the steel sheet of 201 partially replaced by nickel expensive manganese and nitrogen, it is possible to stabilize the austenitic structure. In addition to the above elements, stainless steel sheets of the steel alloying with chromium, nickel and copper. All the chemical composition of the sheet provides not only an austenitic structure, but also adds parameters such as high strength and good capacity for plastic deformation. In the manufacture of sheet of austenitic steel AISI 201 using the latest and the newest technologies which make it possible to obtain a balanced chemical composition. As a result, the sheet of the brand has a very high resistance to corrosion, this parameter is not inferior to other stainless steel sheets made from popular brands and can be used in organic, acid and other moderately corrosive environments. Also, stainless steel sheet AISI 201 well bent, is non-magnetic properties, is easy to process and easy to stamp amenable to forging, deep drawing, welded easier. AISI 201 steel sheets are attractive in that they contain in their structure no more than 1% nickel. In turn, this affects the value of the sheet, which is much lower than the price of conventional steel. Besides, the price is stable and virtually independent of the rising cost of nickel as the 300th sheet of stamps. All this has led to the fact that stainless steel sheet AISI 201 most optimal material that can optimize production costs while maintaining the high quality of the manufactured products. From this steel sheet produced household appliances, kitchen utensils and other accessories, dishes and much more. At the same time, this sheet stainless steels are not recommended for the manufacture of containers and vessels for storage and transportation of acids and other chemical products which are highly corrosive. When processing sheet steel AISI 201 using the same equipment as for the sheets with standard chromium-nickel grades of stainless steel. All this affects the popularity of the steel sheet in the world and in Ukraine itself.

Company Steynles Steele Ukraine offers warehouse stainless steel sheet 201. In our difficult time, more and more consumers are stainless metalloprkata go from expensive brands to become more fuel-efficient that almost no way inferior to brand 300 series. Buy stainless steel sheet 201 can be in our warehouse in Kiev at Kiev-Svyatoshinskiy district, with.. Novoselki Str. Ozernaya 20.Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 16:00. (nonstop).


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