Tube stainless round 30,0Х1,5 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) (Code: 9206)

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Stainless steel pipes for fences

Stainless steel pipes are widely used in the construction industry at the present level of development. In particular, they are intended for the protection of staircases and marching spans. Very often, small and exquisite appearance of the facade is largely dependent on how well-matched combination of polished stainless steel tubes (railings for the stairs). The most popular today are found during construction of manufacturing that use stainless pipe. Qualitative structure of these pipes are reliable and durable, and it is one of the most important of their merits. Consumers emphasize the affordability of our stainless steel tubes. Stainless steel pipe is widely used in modern construction, and is known as a reliable and inexpensive material. In addition to high performance, stainless pipe railings are characterized by properties such as elegance, not cumbersome, modern and stylish design. In addition, stainless steel railings can withstand heavy loads. Here you can buy a variety of stainless steel tubes, which are presented in the product catalog. They are sold at affordable prices, and everyone can buy a suitable option. Pipe corrosion in Kiev can be used in offices, private homes, shopping centers, boutiques, showrooms, and other institutions. Constructions of stainless pipes are strong and durable. These qualities are successfully combined with the external beauty and aesthetic performance. There is no doubt that the mirror (polished) stainless steel tube is a piece of modern style, interior, and, undoubtedly, the most worthy choice.

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Очень хорошее качество! Полировка просто супер.
Покупаю трубу на полотенца... Качеством доволен. Трубу гну в бараний рог - не лопается, шов отличный хорошо проваренный хоть и Тайвань. Всем рекомендую покупать нержавеющую трубу у Стейнлес Стил...... Кому надо качественные и недорогие полотенцесушители звоните: 09936,,,02,,,,,
Труба отличного качества. Покупаю постоянно для полотенцесушителей. Шов тиговский 100%.
Я добавил отзыв и получил скидку))) на 102 метрах получилось почти 130 гривен. всем советую оставлять отзыв и получать скидки...
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Manufacturer code: T/AISI304/30-1.5;
Condition: new;
Weight: 1.07 Kg. - in 1 m; un;
Unit: meter;
- the price is for: 1 meter;
Minimum order: 3 meters and a multiple of 3 (E.g. 3, 6, 9 m, etc.);
Terms of payment: prepayment of 100%;
Type (form): round;
Type of pipe (by manufacturing method): welded;
Type of weld: TIG (Tungsten Insert Gas);
Outer diameter ∅: 30 mm
Wall thickness: 1,5 mm;
The length of a pipe: 6 meters;
Surface: 600 GRIT (mirror polished, glossy);
Packaging: pellicle;
Cross-cutting (max 5) ―❘―❘―: 1 cut = 2,70 uan
Steel grade: AISI 304;
Material: stainless steel
Сolor: chrome
Product category: ROUND AISI 304
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