Tube stainless round 8,0Х1,0 AISI 201 (mirror)

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Manufacturer: TAIWAN
Price: 16.90 ГРН
Delivery time: june (8-14)
Weight: 0.174 Kg. - in 1 m; un;
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Роман, 29.08.2015
Kак заказать))) надо 6 м/п с по резкой))))
Mихаил, 21.08.2014
Очень дорого. Дайте скидку!!! Нужно 504 м/п. Спасибо.
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Unit: meter
The price is for: 1 meter
Size/outer diameter ∅: 8 mm
Wall thickness: 1 mm
The length of a pipe: 6 meters
Minimum order: 6 meters and a multiple of 6 (E.g. 6,12,18 m, etc.)
Surface: 600 GRIT (mirror polished, glossy)
Welded: TIG seam (Tungsten Insert Gas)
Cross-cutting (max 5) ―❘―❘―: 1 cut = 0,40 uan
Steel grade: AISI 201 (12Х15Г9НД)
Terms of payment: prepayment of 100%
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