AISI 201 stainless pipe

Always available in our warehouse in Kiev there is a pipe or mirror polished stainless, steel grade AISI 201 at the best prices and the most interesting conditions. Stainless steel pipes of AISI 201 (12H15G9ND) are a groupAISI 201 stainless pipe of economical and relatively inexpensive. They are every year more and more replaced by chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steel tubes, such as AISI 321 (08X18H10T) and AISI 304 (08H18N10). The popularity of stainless steel pipe grade AISI 201 due to the high economic benefit and pretty high quality. The stainless steel tubes in AISI 201 contents expensive nickel is reduced, and the production of austenitic structure is achieved by entering the cheaper manganese. With the latest manufacturing techniques and a balanced chemical composition, stainless steel pipe made of austenitic stainless steel grade AISI 201 has a high resistance to corrosion and does not concede on this indicator such popular brands of stainless steel like AISI 321, AISI 304, when used in organic, acid and other moderately corrosive environments. Furthermore, the pipe made of AISI 201 stainless steel has high strength and excellent deformed. AISI 201 grade tubes - an excellent substitute for the classic stainless steel pipe made of steel grade AISI 304, and their appearance on the market of stainless steel is connected with the instability of world prices for nickel. Scope of stainless steel pipe grade AISI 201 is virtually identical to the scope of the stainless steel tubes AISI 304. So, at the moment, pipe, stainless steel AISI 201 found their wide application in the manufacture of food equipment, decorative items, housewares, plumbing items, health equipment and machinery. AISI 201 stainless pipe can be used in the manufacture of goods for home, industrial piping, structures, residential kitchen designs in the food industry. It is also used for the manufacture of shells and tubes neutralization systems, recycling, collecting and exhaust emissions. It is recommended to use a pipe grade AISI 201 as a structural material for the manufacture of exhaust systems, as well as furnace and related equipment (exhaust ducts, chimneys, etc.) window and door frames, railings and handrails; decorative designs and pipes; bins, trash cans and containers for waste, etc. Global consumption of pipe of stainless steel AISI 201 is growing every year, which is easily explained by their attractive price and wide range of applications. Using pipes of stainless steel AISI 201 allows the average 30-60% lower costs compared with the costs that arise when using a stainless steel pipe of AISI 304 grade.

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