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Tube stainless round 60,3Х3 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) (Code: 9228)

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Price: 1012.21 ГРН / meter - valid to: 2024-05-23
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In stock: 3 meter
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Description Tube stainless round 60,3Х3 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) Code: (9228)

Stainless steel pipe 60Х3 AISI 304

Very often such a stainless tube diameter and wall thickness 60,3*3,0 mm use for the manufacture of arc, kenguryatnik, side steps, rear bumper corners protection, creating additional strength and protection for your car's bumper.

Stainless steel pipes for the arc

Kenguryatnik, stainless polished (mirror) pipe on a car - irreplaceable thing, if you're a fan of a dashing ride on the road, in fact much better dissect bushy and rocky expanses not freshly painted hood and solid stainless fence kenguryatnik. For the urban dweller kengooryatniki also useful, because it is the most powerful protection of vital parts of the car in the accident, plus, in the collision of distribution and therefore the strike mitigation also is due to the attachments. We offer masters for the production of this type of protective equipment to buy high-quality stainless steel pipes from a warehouse in Kiev. Stainless Pipe has a roughness of 600 grit (mirror polished). This stainless tube welded by TIG c equal to 1. This means that the weld strength equal to the pipe wall itself, and this is important when bending the pipes. The price of stainless steel pipes polished (mirror) steel grade AISI 304 is quite acceptable and practically otlichaetsya of similar pipes with a matte surface that offered by our competitors. For regular customers, our company offers additional discounts.

Stainless steel pipes for the arcStainless steel arcarc stainless steel pipes

Video Tube stainless round 60,3Х3 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) Code: (9228)
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Покупал, трубу нержавейку нужно было 3 м. Оплатил на карту и наследующий день получил в Николаеве на новой почте. Спасибо вам за помочь, труба нужна была очень срочно.
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Details Tube stainless round 60,3Х3 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) Code: (9228)
Manufacturer code: T/AISI304/60.3-3
Condition: new
Weight: 4.304 Kg. in one meter
: price for 1 meter
Unit: meter
Minimum order amount / in UAH / : 1000
Minimum order: 3 meters and a multiple of 3 (E.g. 3, 6, 9 m, etc.)
Terms of payment / prepayment percentage % / : 100
Type / in form / : round
Type of pipe / by manufacturing method / : welded
Type of weld / Tungsten Insert Gas / : TIG
Outer diameter ∅ mm. / in millimeters / : 60,3
Wall thickness mm. / in millimeters / : 3
The length of a pipe / in meters / : 6
Surface: 600 GRIT (mirror polished, glossy)
Packaging: pellicle
Cross-cutting 90° ―❘―❘― / (max 2) | 1 cut = : 55 uan
Cutting method / Angle grinder / : abrasive cutting
Cutting precision / in millimeters + - / : 5
Steel grade / American Iron and Steel Institute / : AISI 304
Standard / American Society for Testing and Materials / : ASTM A-554
Material: stainless steel
Сolor: chrome
Product category: ROUND AISI 304
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