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Tube stainless round 32Х2 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) (Code: 9210)

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The methods are flexible stainless pipe

Industrial methods for cold bending of stainless steel pipe:

  • with run
  • winding
  • drawing
  • by rolling
  • on two supports
  • stretching
  • with internal hydrostatic pressure

Bending to the running

In this way, the tube can be bent up to 150 mm diameter and large wall thickness. The principle of the method: around the stationary bending roller desired size by moving the arc to run in roller presses the workpiece and performing a bend.

Bending winding

The method is widely used in workshops billets with large volumes of products. This way it is possible to bend a pipe diameter of 10 to 426 mm in different planes. To maintain a round shape of the internal cross-section billets used calibrating plug (mandrels), continuous in the form of a rod or composite. A simple mandrel for pipe diameters up to 32 mm may be steel cable, one end of which is fixed in the handle and is connected to the second wire rope for pulling in the lumen. The diameter of the mandrel to be smaller than the inner diameter of the tube to 0.1 - 0.5 mm. When working with a mandrel on the inner surface of the pipe, and incision may occur as a result of burrs large contact forces. Most often this occurs when bending tubes of stainless steel. Prevention of these shortcomings is achieved by appropriate selection of the material of the mandrel, clean the surface and grease. Best lubricate the inner and outer walls of the preform. For this short pipe before bending is immersed in a bath of lubricating oil. To place the bending long pipes, remote from its ends, the lubricant supply through better mandrel holes. For lubrication use machine oil or corrosion soap emulsion.

Bending on two supports

The tube is placed on two supports, rotate around their axes as the bending of the workpiece. Template for bending rod is connected with hydraulic or screw jack so that the bending force is applied in the middle of the pipe between the supports. This method can be used to bend pipes up to 351 mm. Equipment of this type is particularly useful when it is necessary to bend the pipe elements directly on the construction site.

Bending by rolling

It is used to bend small diameter tube into a ring or spiral. On bending rolls workpiece moves in the direction of rotation of the rollers and acquires the curvature determined by the mutual position of the rollers.

Bending drawing

Thin-walled stainless welded pipe can be bent way of drawing. The essence of the method lies in the fact that as the workpiece is taken larger diameter pipe than required, and shorter length. The end of the blank is pressed under the desired diameter and then is passed through a die and retaining clip fastened to the bending template. Turn the template pipe stainless pulled through a die and simultaneously bends around him.

Bending with a sprained

The advantage of this method is to reduce the possibility of the formation of the pipe inner wall in the bend deformation. When this tube is fixed at the edges, it is stretched and folded while using a bending template extension.

Bending with internal hydrostatic pressure

Running injecting fluid into the tube, after which the previously inserted plug. As a result of the stresses arising in the wall of stainless metal is brought to a state close to the plastic. Next to the site of bending bending sum pattern that bends n / w pipe.

Bending pushing

Mainly used to bend tubes of stainless steel with a diameter from 3/16 "to 3/8". The method consists in pushing the workpiece through mobile and fixed matrix. The size of the matrix displacement relative to each other determines the bending curvature. With this method one can make the pipe 20 bends in different planes. These methods are effective bending pipes in industrial production and construction, allows to obtain high-quality results, the regulated industry standards.

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Manufacturer code: T/AISI304/32-2
Condition: new
Weight: 1.502 Kg. in one meter
: price including VAT for 1 meter
Unit: meter
Minimum order amount / in UAH / : 500
Minimum order: 3 meters and a multiple of 3 (E.g. 3, 6, 9 m, etc.)
Terms of payment / prepayment percentage % / : 100
Type / in form / : round
Type of pipe / by manufacturing method / : welded
Type of weld / Tungsten Insert Gas / : TIG
Outer diameter ∅ mm. / in millimeters / : 32
Wall thickness mm. / in millimeters / : 2
The length of a pipe / in meters / : 6
Surface: 600 GRIT (mirror polished, glossy)
Packaging: pellicle
Cross-cutting 90° ―❘―❘― / (max 5) | 1 cut = : 4 uan
Cutting method / Angle grinder / : abrasive cutting
Cutting precision / in millimeters + - / : 5
Steel grade / American Iron and Steel Institute / : AISI 304
Standard / American Society for Testing and Materials / : ASTM A-554
Material: stainless steel
Сolor: chrome
Product category: ROUND AISI 304