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Tube stainless round 32Х1,5 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) (Code: 9209)

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Description Tube stainless round 32Х1,5 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) Code: (9209)

Pipe stainless round 32X1.5 AISI 304

- outer diameter 32 mm, wall thickness 1.5 mm. Writing steel AISI 304. The surface is mirror.

  Advantages of the stainless pipe: they are characterized by unsurpassed durability in comparison with their counterparts from other alloys. Stainless steel pipes are more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, and can be used in a variety of conditions. The cost of stainless steel pipes is much less than that of brass, and products from such stainless pipes do not require constant maintenance. In terms of durability, stainless steel pipes are much superior to nickel-plated analogues, they are not susceptible to corrosion and damage to joints. The stainless steel pipe and its products look elegant and modern. Due to its qualities, stainless steel pipe products can be used in places with high humidity and in the open. For example, if you use a railing for balconies. It fits easily into any interior and exterior of the building.

  Where to buy stainless polished (mirror) pipe for railings, for stairs and much more in Kiev ? You can order stainless steel pipes in Kiev and find out the prices for them in the company Steinless Steel. You can select the appropriate diameter of the stainless pipe of the desired grade of stainless steel. Stainless steel pipe is gaining more and more popularity in the interiors of shops, country houses, sports complexes, offices, etc., due to the easy and quick installation, low cost, ease of operation, which make stainless steel products simply unattainable for competitors.

Pipe stainless round 32X1.5PIPE STAINLESS ROUND 32x1.5 MM (Code: 9209)buy stainless steel pipe

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Reviews about Tube stainless round 32Х1,5 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) Code: (9209)
В принципе подходит. Но вообще то для изготовления пилона используют трубу с наружным диаметром 42,4 мм и толщиной стенки 2 - 3 мм. Все индивидуально. Если вам для руки удобней 32 диаметр то можно и этот использовать. Толщину стенки подбирайте исходя из веса человека и длины/высоты будущего пилона. Чем больше вес и длина тем толще нужна стенка. И еще: труба нержавеющая для пилона представлена на нашем складе в двух марках нержавеющей стали. Это 201 и 304. Марка AISI 201 (12Х15Г9НД) дешевле и по качеству полировки труба нержавеющая не чем не отличается. Покупая трубу из 201 стали Вы просто сэкономите ваши деньги.
Подскажите подходит ли эта труба для изготовления пилона?
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Details Tube stainless round 32Х1,5 AISI 304 (polished 600 grit) Code: (9209)
Manufacturer code: T/AISI304/32-1.5
Condition: new
Weight: 1.146 Kg. in one meter
: price for 1 meter
Unit: meter
Minimum order amount / in UAH / : 1000
Minimum order: 3 meters and a multiple of 3 (E.g. 3, 6, 9 m, etc.)
Terms of payment / prepayment percentage % / : 100
Type / in form / : round
Type of pipe / by manufacturing method / : welded
Type of weld / Tungsten Insert Gas / : TIG
Outer diameter ∅ mm. / in millimeters / : 32
Wall thickness mm. / in millimeters / : 1,5
The length of a pipe / in meters / : 6
Surface: 600 GRIT (mirror polished, glossy)
Packaging: pellicle
Cross-cutting 90° ―❘―❘― / (max 2) | 1 cut = : 15 uan
Cutting method / Angle grinder / : abrasive cutting
Cutting precision / in millimeters + - / : 5
Steel grade / American Iron and Steel Institute / : AISI 304
Standard / American Society for Testing and Materials / : ASTM A-554
Material: stainless steel
Сolor: chrome
Product category: ROUND AISI 304
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