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Stainless pipe profile 60Х20Х2 AISI 304 (mirror) (Code: 9401)

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Price: 235.24 ГРН / meter - valid to: 2020-04-05
In stock: 75 meter
Seller: Steinless Steel Ukraine

Stainless steel pipe 60X20Х2

- a profile pipe made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a rectangular cross section of 60Х20 (20Х60) millimeters and a wall thickness of 2 millimeters. Stainless steel pipe 60X20 mm made of food grade stainless steel and has several advantages than similar pipes made of different types of technical stainless steels:

1) has a very long life. During this period, she retains her perfect appearance;

2) stainless steel pipe 60X20 mm has excellent technical characteristics, such as resistance to the formation of inter-crystalline corrosion;

3) such a stainless pipe has a high degree of resistance to various negative atmospheric and chemical influences;

4) very durable and very well welded;

Stainless steel profile pipe 60X20X2 mm has found its wide application for the production of a variety of stainless steel structures.

Так а как Вы ее хотели купить если ее нет на сладе?)))
Хами и грубияны! Хотела купить эту трубу так мне тут сказали что ее нет и будет через месяц... Зачем тогда рекламу давать если нет!!!???
Не рекомендую к ним обращатся!
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Manufacturer code: TP/AISI304/60-20-2
Condition: new
Weight: 2.451 Kg. in one meter
: price including VAT for 1 meter
Unit: meter
Minimum order amount / in UAH / : 500
Minimum order: 3 meters and a multiple of 3 (E.g. 3, 6, 9 m, etc.)
Terms of payment / prepayment percentage % / : 100
Type / in form / : profile rectangular section
Type of pipe / by manufacturing method / : welded
Type of weld / Tungsten Insert Gas / : TIG
Сross-section ◻ mm. / in millimeters / : 60х20
Wall thickness mm. / in millimeters / : 2
The length of a pipe / in meters / : 6
Surface: 600 GRIT (mirror polished, glossy)
Packaging: pellicle
Cross-cutting 90° ―❘―❘― / (max 5) | 1 cut = : 7 uan
Cutting method / Angle grinder / : abrasive cutting
Cutting precision / in millimeters + - / : 5
Steel grade / American Iron and Steel Institute / : AISI 304
Standard / American Society for Testing and Materials / : ASTM A-554
Material: stainless steel
Сolor: chrome
Product category: RECTANGULAR AISI 304