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Elbow stainless steel AISI 201

 - AISI 201 stainless steel polished elbow is a section of a stainless pipe curved at a certain angle.

 This product is a type of pipeline fittings or fittings that serves to change the direction of the piping system or, accordingly, the handrail or other stainless steel pipe structure. Stainless elbow are required in any system that has a branched structure.

 Its fields of application cover various industries of modern industry. With the help of this product, parts of the pipeline are connected to pump neutral media, which may be in a gaseous, vapor state, as well as under pressure.

 Turning to Steinless Steel Ukraine, you can buy a stainless steel elbow in Kiev from a warehouse at very attractive prices and in a wide range.

Elbow stainless polished (mirror, glossy) 201 is made of an alloy, the mandatory component of which is chromium. This makes it possible to significantly increase the resistance of the stainless steel to corrosion and at the same time reduce the cost of such drainage. Taps stainless 201 brand one of the most popular types of products. And this is not surprising: the price does its job. The popularity and demand of such a elbow is increasing every day and our company will gradually increase the range of such elbows in the warehouse. The outer diameter of the stainless steel outlet is the same as the diameter of the connecting parts of the pipeline, and the bending angle can range from 30 to 180 degrees. Elbow stainless 201 is also classified by type of production: welded (sutured) and forged. So, the seam tap is welded by the TIG method. The forged stainless forged (steeply curved) is made by stamping or hot drawing from seamless stainless tubes.

 Steinless Steel Ukraine offers one of the widest assortment in Kiev to the attention of its customers. By visiting our official site, you can choose the products of the required diameter and purchase them from the warehouse. In addition to a wide choice, we can please you with attractive prices. Steinless Style Ukraine is the most accessible elbow in Kiev and Ukraine !

Frequently Asked Questions about Elbow stainless steel AISI 201

✅ What is the difference between elbow stainless steel AISI 201 and AISI 304 grade elbow stainless steel?

The main difference lies in the steel grade from which these elbows are made. Simply put, the stainless steel outlet AISI 201 is technical, and the stainless steel outlet AISI 304 is food. For example, if you are going to buy stainless steel pipe AISI 201 brands, then it is desirable to select elbows of the same brand. Although for pipes made of stainless steel 201, AISI 304 elbows are quite suitable, since they are more corrosion resistant. But if you buy a stainless steel pipe of the AISI 304 brand, then, accordingly, you need to take the tap in the same brand.

✅ Elbow stainless steel AISI 201 welded or cast?

Our company only offers a stainless steel angle of 90 (ninety) degrees polished suture, welded. The welding method is high strength TIG. In terms of strength, such an outlet is in no way inferior to a forged elbow (cast), but for this our stainless elbow has a number of advantages.

✅ What are the advantages of elbow stainless steel AISI 201?

Stainless steel bend 201 has a number of advantages compared to elbows of other brands and elbows with other surface types:

➖ price. The lowest price in Ukraine for a stainless tap of this brand ;
➖ attractive appearance. Mirror polished bend ;
➖ strength ;
➖ durability in a moderately aggressive environment ;
➖ less weight due to wall thickness ;
➖ corrosion resistance ;

✅ What diameters and wall thicknesses are available for the elbow stainless steel AISI 201?

The stainless steel elbow AISI 201 has the following diameter and wall thickness in mm:

➖ ∅ 16 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 20 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 25 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 30 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 32 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 38 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 40 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 42,4 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 48,3 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 50,8 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 60,3 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 70 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
➖ ∅ 76,1 ; wall ➖ 1,5 ;
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