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Price: 88.14 ГРН / cup
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Cup (cover) stainless steel decorative

These are decorative very reliable elements made of stainless steel AISI 201 (technical) AISI 304 (food) which simultaneously perform several functions. Gives a complete look to the structure as a whole. A decorative stainless steel cup (cover) is used to hide defects that arise during installation.

Decorative cups for pipes

 Very often, instead of the name "decorative stainless steel cup" or "decorative stainless steel lid", the name "stainless steel railing bottoms" is used.

Frequently asked questions about Cup (cover) stainless decorative

✅ Why are cups / lids / bottoms used?

The use of a decorative stainless cup / lid / bottom of the rack - guarantees an increase in the safety of using the railing. Such products are made of high quality stainless steel. They can have a different shape: under a round pipe, under a profile pipe square and rectangular. They differ in size. They are fixed on a stand in the lower part as close as possible to a concrete (or some other) base. The use of the cup / lid / bottom of the rack allows you to hide minor defects, as well as the places where the rack is attached to the floor, wall, steps - thanks to which the design will last for a long time without requiring attention to itself, aimed at expensive maintenance or repair. These stainless steel decorative elements perform several functions simultaneously. The main ones are:

➖ increase in strength characteristics ;
➖ give the design a complete look ;
➖ increase reliability ;
➖ increase durability ;
➖ provide additional protection of a rack against negative environmental impact ;

✅ What are the main advantages of cups / covers / bottoms of racks for rails?

Stainless steel decorative cups / lids / bottoms for stainless steel railing racks are an excellent solution if it is important that the construction compares favorably with good performance. The advantages of such products are obvious:

➖ ease and convenience in installation, during the implementation of which you do not need to have special tools and equipment ;
➖ great for use when installing fences and railings of any complexity ;
➖ reliability and durability of operation, as well as environmental safety, proven materials are used in production ;
➖ AISI 304 - increased resistance to weathering, which allows the use of these products for the installation of fences and other structures on the street or in rooms with a high level of humidity ;
➖ simplicity and convenience in operation and maintenance, for the care you do not need to use any special means ;
➖ excellent compatibility with any building materials ;

✅ What shape cups / lids / bottoms of racks are on sale?

The company Steinles Steel Ukraine offers to buy from a warehouse:

➖ round decorative stainless steel lid / cup: AISI 201 and AISI 304 ;
➖ lid / cup stainless decorative square shape: AISI 304 for stainless steel profile square and rectangular pipe ;

✅ What to consider when choosing a lid / cup / bottom for railing racks?

It is worth noting that when choosing the cover / cup / bottom of the racks for the railing, it is very important to consider the inner diameter and / or section of the hole for the profile pipe. The stainless pipe should fit tightly into the cup. After installation, it should not hang, stagger. Also pay attention to the material of manufacture of these elements: AISI 201 (technical steel) and AISI 304 (food steel has a high resistance to corrosion).


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