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Price: 94.62 ГРН / kg
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Price: 94.62 ГРН / kg
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Stainless steel sheet AISI 321 grade

Stainless steel sheet

Very popular among the variety of rolled metal is stainless steel sheet. Stainless Steel Sheet. The product may have a different thickness and cutting. At the cost of production can influence the quality of the alloy, as well as the level of processing. The main areas of application is the stainless steel industry and construction. For many years the stainless steel sheet is used to create bridges, arbors and benches. Using this product, first of all, very profitable thanks to the reliability and durability of the material. Corrosion-resistant coating protects the finished product from external influences. Stainless steel sheet - durable and very durable. The price of our products, and on a sheet of stainless steel depends on two main factors: the quality of alloy and surface treatment level. Steel has a variety of brands, which differ depending on the set included in the material composition of chemical elements and, of course, in their quantitative proportions: Brand aisi 201, aisi 304, aisi 304L, aisi 321, aisi 409, aisi 410, aisi 430 . Stainless steel sheet, as well as other products from this material can be divided into categories, which depend on the degree of surface treatment: BA-PVC (Ba mirror polished, PVC - protector), 4N-PVC (polished, brushed, PVC - protection film 2B (matte), №1 (hot-rolled) stainless steel sheet is not limited, allowing this product to be in demand in the various fields of activity. Many designers in their work, prefer to use metal accessories, which indicates the versatility and usability of the product. In order to purchase a stainless steel sheet of the desired shape you need to pay attention to the article production.

Standard specifications are:

sheet of stainless steel 304 2D

304 No.2D

sheet of stainless steel 304 2B

304 No.2B

лист нержавеющий 430 2В

430 N0.2B

sheet of stainless steel 304 ВА

304 BA

sheet of stainless steel 430 ВА

430 BA

sheet of stainless steel 304 HD

304 HD

* HB - Brinell method - hardness is determined by the diameter of the indentation, or leave any metallic ball, is pressed into the surface. The hardness is calculated as the ratio of the force applied to the ball, to the area of print (and the area of the print is taken as the area of the sphere, and not as a square circle (hardness Meier); the dimension of hardness Brinell MPa (kgf / mm²) hardness number. Brinell according to GOST 9012-59 recorded without units hardness, defined by this method is designated HB, where H - hardness (hardness, eng.), B - Brinell;. * HRB - Rockwell scale - hardness is determined by the relative depth of the indentation of the metal . ball or diamond cone into the surface of the test material hardness, defined by this method, is dimensionless and is denoted by HR, HRB, HRC and HRA; hardness is calculated according to the formula HR = 100 (130) - kd, where d - depth of the tip indentation after removal of the primary load, and k -. coefficient Thus, the maximum Rockwell hardness on the scales A and C is 100 units, and on the scale of B - 130 units * HV -. Vickers hardness test - hardness is determined by the print area, to leave four-sided diamond pyramid, pressed into surface. Hardness is calculated as the ratio of the load applied to the pyramid to the print area (and the print area is taken as a part of the surface area of the pyramid, and not as a rhombus area); dimension hardness Vickers kg-s / mm². Hardness, defined by this method is designated HV;