Tube AISI 430 stainless

Tube round stainless steel grade AISI 430 belongs to the ferritic stainless steel tubes with low carbon content. Tube AISI 430 stainless has a high strength and corrosion resistance, easily welded and polished, lends itself well to the plastic deformation. The pipes of AISI 430 due to its low carbon content is no tendency to intergranular corrosion at elevated temperatures. AISI 430 stainless steel pipe is resistant to sulfur-containing environments, not hardened by heat treatment and has good resistance to the formation of scale. This material is ferromagnetic, i.e. has the magnetic properties, and sufficiently brittle at low temperatures. With no expensive elements - nickel, molybdenum and titanium pipe stainless steel grade AISI 430 is significantly cheaper than other corrosion resistant grades. Such pipe low coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity and resistance in gases resulting from the combustion of various fuels. Pipe Stainless 430 is used in engineering, construction, food, chemical and pulp and paper industries. Unique features and reasonable price enable it to enjoy a deserved popularity among users of stainless steel.

As you can see from not expensive stainless steel grades:

AISI 201 stainless pipe

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