Pipe Stainless profiled AISI 430

This type of pipe made of stainless steel grade AISI 430 (12H17) is not less popular than the pipes made of steel AISI 201 and AISI 304. The company Steynles Steele Ukraine implements are corrosion-profile mirror (polished) pipe from its warehouse in Kiev. We offer you a profile welded stainless pipe grade 430, one of the lowest prices not only in Kiev but also in Ukraine. Pipe 430 stainless profile, we offer the buyer holds a 600 GRIT roughness surface (mirror polished). Profile pipes 430 Welded method TIG. Stainless Tube brand profile 430 has high mechanical characteristics, good strength. All this is achieved thanks to the fact that stainless steel tube of this brand contains a high amount of chromium and low - carbon. As a result, the pipe AISI 430 stainless well deformed and can be used where the use of expensive stainless steel pipe grade AISI 304 is not necessary. Chromium ferritic steels with low carbon content, unlike nickel austenitic highly resistant to corrosive processes that can be used in sulfur-containing environments. Pipe of AISI 430 stainless has a fairly low coefficient of thermal expansion, even with extreme temperature changes it is smaller size. The high thermal conductivity of stainless AISI 430 pipe offers advantages when used in various heat transfer systems. Also pipes of this brand have a low thermal inertia (in other words - specific heat). This leads to the fact that it warms and cools more quickly, with less energy consumption. You should only avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 1000 degrees. Designs and products from pipes AISI 430 stainless today used in modern gas pumping systems, oil and various other petroleum products. Stainless Pipe profile (and round) made of steel AISI 430 is indispensable in the automotive industry, handling equipment in the mining and sugar industries. From pipes of this brand are made elements and details of kitchen utensils and other accessories for Moyock legs and tables, etc. Pipe profile stainless 430 polished (mirror) finds its application in architecture and decoration. Its scope is very broad. The tubes of stainless 400-series does not contain nickel or molybdenum, which makes the profile of the pipe AISI 430 stainless steel is cheaper than the rest of became three hundredth series.

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